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    Professional entities that produce all kinds of sliding bearings.

    Application area

    Products are used in metallurgical machinery, ship machinery, energy equipment, mining machinery, construction machinery, injection molding machinery and mold industry.


    About Us

    JIASHAN GUANGYOU BEARING CO,LTD. is located in Weitang Town, the ancient town of Xitang in the Yangtze River Delta. It is far from Shanghai to Hangzhou in the east and not more than 100 kilometers from Suzhou in the north. The water and land transportation is very convenient. The company has long been committed to the development and design of oil-free self-lubricating bearings and solid cast copper sleeves. After years of efforts, JDB solid self-lubricating bearings (graphite copper sleeves), solid cast copper sleeves, SF-1 (DU) series have been developed. Oil-free self-lubricating bearings, SF-2 (DX) series boundary lubrication bearings, JF800 series bimetal bearings, FB090 series bronze coil bearings and other major series of products. Through continuous efforts of all employees

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